NetWorx 5.1

Monitors and registers all network connections or a specific one for free
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Networx is a free Windows utility used to manage and measure the usage of bandwidth in network. The application collects data usage as a graphic and numeric representation of incoming and outgoing traffic, plus it measures the speed on the Internet or other network connections.

The program works in any type of network such as Dial-up, Ethernet, ISDN, DSL, wireless 802.11b, etc. It keeps track of and identifies possible sources of networking problems, it also ensures that the bandwidth will not exceed the limits.

This application is a complete tool that can trace and route traffic, detect suspicious network activity, create alerts and disconnect from the Internet automatically, when network activity exceeds determined levels.

Networx includes network information & testing tools with advanced Netstats that display every application using the Internet connection. The usage reports can be exported to a variety of file formats, including Excel, MS Word and HTML.

In this version a password has been added, and it is asked for when accessing quota settings. The Network manager now allows excluding certain networks from monitoring. Finally, the application can be used with Windows Seven and Server 2008.

Max Santillana
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  • Measures and controls bandwidth
  • Disables and restricts connections
  • Creates usage reports
  • Multiple setting with password protection


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