NetWorx 5.2

NetWorx is an application which monitors your bandwidth usage
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NetWorx is an application which monitors your bandwidth usage. The program generates reports both on Internet and Intranet connections. These reports reflect the network activity on different time intervals since the analysis is made on immediate, as well as on long-term network usage.

As with any app of this kind, NetWorx stays hidden in the system's tray. For real-time information about the incoming and outgoing traffic, you can enable a floating window to appear on your screen. This window is customizable in terms of translucency, graphic colors, position on the screen, size etc.

What's great about this tool is its ability to release visual and sound alerts when the traffic exceeds a certain threshold. You have the ability to determine the notification conditions; namely, you can set the alerts to become active when you receive more or less traffic within a specific period of time. In addition, you are enabled to end the connection on the spot or shut down the computer in case the notification parameters are met.

In addition, the program provides a speed meter. It opens in a new window and it gives you information about the transfer rate of you incoming and outgoing traffic. At any moment you can save the statistics into a .txt file. This tool is able to monitor the bandwidth usage in relation to specific time intervals. The reports can easily exported to Excel, MS Word, and HTML.

To sum up, NetWorx is an application to monitor and control your bandwidth usage. It is mainly designed for those users who have any traffic limitations. A good analysis of your bandwidth situation helps you use your network connection more efficiently.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Multilingual interface
  • Visual and sound alerts
  • Speed meter
  • Transfer rate reports


  • No alternative notifications (via email for instance)
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