NetWorx 6.2

Monitor network and Internet bandwidth and usage in real time

NetWorx is intended to help you keep track of how much bandwidth you are consuming. This monitor runs from the System Tray, from which it gathers data about the traffic through the available connections. Fortunately, setting the program to work properly is not a big issue, because there is a wizard that helps you select the interface language and connections to monitor.

Likewise, you receive a help on how to start using the software. In addition, there are other options that let you customize its appearance and behavior. In this regard, you can configure alerts to trigger when such events as network down or exceedingly high traffic occurs. Not only that, you can set the tool to disconnect your machine from the Internet when an extraordinary situation is detected. All data about data flows on the selected networks can be accessed both as graphics and text. Moreover, the program keeps a log of all the activity, including statistics of bandwidth consumption. It is important to say that it can also track bandwidth usage by specified applications.

In general, NetWorx is a nice and small application with no high impact on RAM usage. The analysis of the reports by a knowledgeable person can help detect various connection issues, excessive traffic and even security attacks. Similarly, it allows you to identify any possible fraud by your Internet provider. However, you should know that there are other applications that can provide much more information about your network than this one.

Finally, it is a pity that this product is no longer freeware, as its trial version will stop working after a month unless you buy the required license.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easy to configure. Alerts on specified events. Textual and graphical info. Filters traffic usage by specified programs. No high impact on RAM usage


  • Provides less info than other applications available
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